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  • Lower Operating Cost estimated at around $6/hour with over 300 hours on cutters and 1000 hours on our bearings
  • High Strength Steel frames that can withstand impact and down pressure
  • Half the weight of competing models offering better stability
  • Through shaft versus stub shafts for a more durable and dependable cutting drum assembly
  • Heavy Duty double row spherical bearings provide high sideload ratings and a superior sealing system
  • High-performance patent-pending cutter technology consumes less horsepower than competing technologies
  • Teeth are heat-treated and 360 degrees rotatable for increased longevity
  • Torrent teeth outperform carbide for half the price – comparable to cutting a tree down with an axe instead of a hammer

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These Solaris – Torrent Mulchers have the best operating cost in the industry!

For example, we conservatively estimate the operating cost of the EX 48 to be around $6/hour based on approximately $4.25/hour on cutters, less than $1/hour for bearings, and less than $0.50/hour for grease and misc. This is based on a cutter life at 300 hours and 1000 hours for bearings, both of which are very conservative estimates. The actual reports from our customers in the field claim 400+ hours for a set of cutters and well beyond 1000 hours for bearings.

Our frames are made with very high-strength steel (QT 100)

This allows for a frame that is very strong structurally as well as light in weight compared to competing products. All Torrent excavator boom-mounted mulchers are designed to withstand the full down pressure of the excavator boom so that using the heel of the mulcher to assist turning or moving does not damage the frame or other components.

Lightweight While Maintaining Strength is a Very Important Feature of the Solaris – Torrent Mulchers

For example, the EX54 weighs 2800 lbs. which is considerably lighter when compared to competitors’ models. This is extremely important when considering carrier stability, safety, and operator comfort. The carrier’s ability to lift a load at full boom extension over the side will far exceed its capacity to control the same load when booming down. To mulch effectively, you need to be able to keep both tracks on the ground during all booming operations.

We use a “Through-Shaft’ Versus the Stub Shafts that Competitors Use

The through shaft goes completely through the drum for a more durable and dependable cutting drum assembly. The use of stub shafts is popular as they are much less expensive. At Solaris & Torrent, quality and durability are the primary considerations in the design and marketing of the equipment.

Bearings are Heavy Duty Double Spherical

Solaris – Torrent Mulchers use only the highest quality bearings with a minimum service factor of 2 to 1. This means long life and minimal operating costs, even with high side loads encountered during multiple operations.

Teeth are Heat Treated and Rotatable 360 Degrees for durability, long life, and low operating costs

Torrent’s Cutting Technology allows for Excellent Performance at Lower Carrier Horsepower as Compared to the Competition

The specialized heat treatment applied to Torrent’s spherical cutter (patent pending) provides a unique combination of hardness and toughness resulting in a highly durable and efficient cutting tool. The Torrent cutter is also rotatable (90 degrees at a time) to give long life which means low hourly operating costs. If you hit a rock and break an edge, then you simply turn the tooth to reveal the new edge. TH cutting tooth typically is the largest component of operating costs, so it is important to understand that issue.

Our Teeth of More of a Cutter than a Hammer

This allows them to have a good performance with less horsepower. We chose this path over carbide for several reasons: First, carbide teeth are very expensive – usually more than double the cost of our teeth and if you hit a rock and break the carbide, the tooth must be replaced. This translates into a much higher hourly operating cost with carbide teeth because encountering rocks is a fact of life when mulching. Secondly, a carbide tooth is like a hammer with a couple of carbide tips and works by pounding its way through the material, requiring a lot of power and time to work effectively. However, Torrent’s spherical cutter cuts material and ejects the chip. This process requires less power and time. It is the difference between cutting down a tree with an axe versus a hammer. Our customer feedback, time and again, is that Torrent Mulchers are the fastest and most durable.

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