Manufacturing Services

We offer a wide-array of manufacturing services. If you have read our definition and description of machining and tooling, you will understand that the next step in the process is manufacturing. A manufacturing business is a business that uses components, parts or raw materials to make a finished good. Our machined tools, for example, can be used to build or manufacture a finished product. When considering our attachments, for example, we machine many of the components, then manufacture the product to offer them for sale. Our manufacturing services are specific to three distinct categories:

  • Prototype Manufacturing: Are you an engineer or inventor with a new tool or attachment design? How will you demonstrate that this invention will actually work well? You must build a prototype to test it before taking it to market. That can be difficult, particularly if you lack the shop, the tooling and machine capabilities to do that yourself. This is where we can help. We specialize in prototyping and low volume manufacturing. Combine our engineering and machining services and we will gladly produce and even test your completed prototype.
  • Low Volume Specialty Manufacturing: Solaris, along with its partner, Synergetic Industries, long ago realized the need in the marketplace to produce volumes of 1 to 20,000 of certain tools, whether it is a specialty screw or other metal component. Too often, larger manufacturers do not want to take on such orders because they have to tool their facilities with new jigs, molds and other equipment. They prefer to take on higher volume manufacturing that will repeat over a longer span of time. We will gladly accept your “one-off”, low volume manufacturing at a very reasonable price and with the highest quality – all 100% made in the USA.
  • High Volume Manufacturing: In contrast to the above, we also offer high-volume manufacturing in the US, centrally and conveniently located in Southern Illinois, for efficient distribution across North America or internationally. Our 350,000 sq-ft, US based facility, offers plasma cutters, laser cutters, jigs, molds, breaks – everything needed for higher volume, high-quality manufacturing. Contact us for a bid today at (206) 290-0843.
  • Over 20 years Manufacturing experience in machining, welding, fabrication, grinding, custom metal working, and manufacturing planning
  • Prototype Builds
  • Low Volume Production Runs
  • Custom Machinery
  • Fall Protection
  • Hydraulics
  • Part & Process Planning
  • Facility Layout/Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Cost Effective Solutions
  • Quick Turn Around

Past Projects Include, but not Limited To:

Various/Numerous Fixtures, Axle Face Milling Machine, Tube Benders, Concrete Forms, Custom Tooling, Tooling Components,
and Custom Piece Parts

Machine Capabilities

  • Clausing Metosa CNC 2480 2 Axis Horizontal Lathe
  • Bullard 2 Axis Vertical Lathe
  • Nardini 2 Axis Lathe
  • Romac AH 110 Series Point To Point (NC) Horizontal Boring Mill
  • Fadal CNC 4020 3 Axis Vertical Machining Center
  • Partner MB-20 3 Axis Vertical Mill
  • 2 Bridgeport 2 Axis Vertical Mills
  • Devlieg 3B 3 Axis Horizontal Mill
  • Paragon Heat Treat Oven
  • Black Oxide System
  • BobCAD-CAM Manufacturing Software


Horizontal Boring/Milling

  • 0” X 36.0” X 48.0”
  • 0” X 47.25” X 55.125” X 23.625” X 360 deg.

Vertical Boring/Milling

  • 0” X 20.0” X 20.0”

Vertical Lathe

  • 0” Swing X 38.0”

Horizontal Lathe

  • 0” Swing X 80”

Heat Treat

  • 0” X 20.0” X 13”
  • Turning ± 0.001”
  • Grinding ± 0.0001”



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