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Rabaud Stump Grinders

Once trees are removed, what’s left behind are the stumps, which for some industries can cause problems. If left unaddressed, stumps can sprout regrowth or queue insects like termites and ants to take up residence. Additionally, stumps can leave terrain unworkable.

Our Excavator Stump Grinder creates a more workable terrain by utilizing circular discs with teeth that chew the stump down to sawdust. As the stump grinder works through the wood, it will take the stump down below ground level where it can then be covered up with filler dirt or residual sawdust.

While the machine manufacturers offer an array of types of stump grinders like hand-guided, rear-hitch, riding grinders, skid stump grinders, and stump grinder attachments, Solaris Quality Attachments purposes to offer the best and most efficient stump grinder attachments for your excavators.

Solaris Rabaud Stump Grinder in a forest
rabaud Stump Grinder
Stump Grinder attachments Solaris Attachments
Stump Grinder finishing off a stump
Options for 5mm & 7mm teeth on the 25PE or 7mm & 9mm teeth on the 45PE
  • Options for 5mm & 7mm teeth on the 25PE or 7mm & 9mm teeth on the 45PE
  • Quick-hitch coupling available on request or 8-hole, flat-top standard bolt-on plate

Rabaud Stump Grinder At-A-Glance

  • Adaptable on excavators from 2.5 to 8 Ton with or without quick fit coupling
  • Disc with 20 mm Teeth 5”, 7″ or 9″ with carbide.
  • They can be repositioned 3 times for a longer lifetime.
  • Hydraulic motor without drainage. No case drain is necessary
  • Angle transmission directly mounted on the disc for more power
  • Adjustable orientation to work in the center or on the side
  • Protection guard
  • Hoses with shaft for better protection & safety
  • Support stand for storage

Stump Grinder$7,995.00$8,995.00
Stump Grinder Bracket Ears - Optional$350.00$400.00

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Carrier Weight 2.5 to 4.5 MT (5,500 – 9,920 lbs) 4.5 – 8 MT (9,920 – 17,650 lbs)
Dimensions L32″ x W19.7″ x H23″ L32″ x W19.7″ x H23.6″
Disc Diameter 13.5″ 15.55″
Disc Thickness 0.79″ 0.79″
Teeth 12 Teeth, 5mm or 7mm 18 Teeth,  7mm or 9mm
Flow Range 7.9 – 12 gpm 12 – 19.8 gpm
Pressure 3625 psi max 3625 psi max
Case Drain NO NO
Working Direction Adjustable (center, left, right) Adjustable (center, left, right)
Weight 271.2 lbs (without hitch) 282.2 lbs. (without hitch)

What sets Rabaud Stump Grinders apart?

What began in the countryside in France by an inventive farmer in 1974, RABAUD has a long-time standing reputation that precedes its products as a quality equipment manufacturer. RABAUD dedicates its machinery to being excavator-adaptable and prides itself on the efficiency of its craft.

RABAUD manufactures machinery specialized for agriculture, forestry, construction, landscaping, and soil stabilization.

What does Rabaud offer the U.S. market?

RABAUD’S Stump Grinder comes in two convenient models (XYLOCROK 25PE and XYLOCROK 45PE) that are adaptable on excavators in the 2.5 to the 8-Ton range. You have the options for 5mm & 7mm teeth on the 25PE or 7mm & 9mm teeth on the 45PE. Additionally, you have the option for an additional quick-hitch coupling or an 8-hole, flat-top standard bolt-on plate. Whichever you choose, RABAUD’s excavator stump grinders are guaranteed to make the fitting process easy, adaptable, and ready to use as soon as you are.

Solaris RABAUD Stump Grinders utilize 20mm-thick discs with carbide teeth that are comprised of either five-inch, seven-inch, or nine-inch thickness. With the ability to reposition the discs, stump grinder operators enjoy three times a longer lifetime by avoiding the wear-down other stump grinder brands experience. Solaris RABAUD Stump Grinders also come with hydraulic motors without drainage, therefore, no case drain is necessary.

For additional power, the angle transmission on the stump grinder is directly mounted onto the disc with the ability to adjust its orientation to either work in the center or on the side. For safety, the RABAUD Stump Grinder comes with a protection guard and hose shafts. Additionally, enjoy a support stand for storage.

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