Solaris Augers // S2: 0.75MT - 1MT

Skid Steer Augers for a Variety of Machine Types & Sizes

Solaris Auger Torque has been engineering and manufacturing augers for over 25 years, making our range of augers the most reliable, versatile, and efficient for tackling every job size.

When looking for a skid steer auger, you need a powerful digging tool that you can use in conjunction with your skid steer loaders, in construction and landscaping. We offer augers for sales that are suitable for excavators, skid steer loaders, telehandlers, backhoes, and truck cranes. The Solaris Auger Torque augers can drill widths of 100mm on smaller machines and up to 2.4m on larger machines. Our augers can drill to depths of 12m (with extensions and using the correct auger drive). Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean we can design and fabricate to your specification, to suit your machine and job. We also offer auger attachments for proper machine fitting. 

So, whether it’s post holes, holes for fencing, signposts, post frame buildings, foundation footings, or light and utility poles, our augers and attachments will make light work of it and ensure that every job you tackle is a resounding success. 

Check out our augers for sale online or reach out for help. 

View the Solaris line of Augers:

Solaris S4 Augers
S4: 1MT – 5MT
Solaris S5 Auger
S5: 4.5MT – 8MT
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