Stump Planer Attachment for Excavators and Skid Steers

Removal of tree stumps is a job that, at best, is noisy, messy, and time-consuming. Traditional methods of removal, and shower chippings over a wide area make cleaning a time-consuming exercise. The Solaris-Auger Torque Stump Planer is the quick and easy additional attachment to any earth drill for the practical, easy, and clean removal of tree stumps of any size and a must-have product for those working in ground preparation and woodland maintenance.


    Hardwearing, replaceable blades rotate, shaving the wood into a tidy pile.


    A range of different hub options.


    A balanced, even cut is achieved thanks to the built-in stability bars.


    The unique, replaceable pilot engages with the tree Stump, drawing the blades down to the surface of the stump.


    Tackle very large tree stumps with ease by making multiple cuts in a spiral pattern, starting from the outside and working towards the center.

All Solaris-Auger Torque attachments and equipment are warranted to be free from material, mechanical, or workmanship defects for a certain time (summarized below).

Planetary Gearbox: 72 months

Hydraulic Motors: 36 months

Other Parts and Products: 24 months

Note: The warranty is only valid if the product is attached, assembled, and used appropriately, according to the directions provided in the operator’s manuals and other instructions. The warranty period will start from the date of sale by the distributor or manufacturer.

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Stump Planers$1,107.00$1,404.00

Multi-Pass Cutting Pattern

Tackle very large tree stumps with ease by making multiple cuts in a spiral pattern, starting from the outside and working towards the center.


Model SP10 (For Excavators 1-5MT) SP14 (For Excavators 4.5-8MT)
Auger Drive Compatibility X2100-17 – 3300-30 4000-30 – 6000-40
Diameter 10″ 14″
Length 25″ 27″
Shaft Options 2.56″ Round
2″ Hex
2.5″ Hex
2.56″ Round
2″ Hex
2.5″ Hex
Unit Weight 55 lb 73 lb



The Solaris Excavator & Skid Steer Stump Planer attachment is the quick and easy land-clearing, construction, and forestry attachment to any auger drive for the effective and clean removal of tree stumps of any size. If you need to clear ground in preparation for projects or earth drilling, there is no better way to remove stumps than with the Solaris Excavator and Skid Steer Stump Planer attachment. Stump Planers are available in numerous sizes with a range of different hub options for different demands.

If you are a in the landscaping, land-clearing, or tree service industry, this is a must-have Excavator & Skid Steer attachment in your arsenal to maximize your profitability. Simply fill out the form below and let us know which make and model machine you have, and we will get back to you with a quote right away.

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