Solaris OMEF Tree Shears for Excavators: Heavy-Duty, Efficient, and Versatile

Solaris BI100 Tree Shear- OMEF - 344x259

When it comes to tree removal for excavators, the Solaris OMEF Tree Shears are your go-to solution. These heavy-duty, professional-grade shears are designed to make quick work of cutting trees up to 30″ in diameter, and they offer a range of advantages that set them apart from the competition. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of OMEF Tree Shears, including their optional 360-degree rotators and the ability to transport cut trees with ease.

The Power of Solaris OMEF Tree Shears

Heavy-Duty Performance:

Make no mistake, our Solaris OMEF Tree Shears are heavy-duty, commercial-grade attachments that mean business. These shears can effortlessly cut through trees with diameters of up to 30 inches in mere seconds, providing you with unmatched efficiency in your tree-cutting tasks. The video demonstrations of these shears speak for themselves, showcasing their exceptional cutting power.

Cutting-Edge Materials:

Our OMEF Tree Shears are constructed from Hardox Steel, a material renowned for its strength and durability. This choice of material ensures that the attachment remains lightweight, allowing for greater stability and mobility during operation. The integrated blade features wear-resistant steel, guaranteeing a clean and precise cut every time. This not only saves you time but also minimizes maintenance costs, making these shears a cost-effective solution.

Advantages of OMEF Tree Shears

Tree Transportation Efficiency:

One outstanding advantage of our OMEF Tree Shears is their ability to move large cut trees with exceptional stability, requiring minimal movement of the excavator arm or the machine itself. This unique feature accelerates subsequent steps, such as loading, chipping, and shredding operations. You can efficiently transport cut trees to a truck bed or pile, streamlining your workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

Versatility for All Excavators:

At Solaris Attachments, we take pride in offering the finest, most durable, and reliable attachments to our customers. Our OMEF Tree Shears are built to last, designed for daily, constant use, and compatible with a wide range of excavators. Whether you have a 1.5-metric-ton mini-excavator or a 50-metric-ton large excavator, we have tree shears suitable for your needs. We provide options for excavators of various sizes and budgets, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for everyone.

Choose the Right Tree Shear for Your Needs

Tailored to Your Excavator :

When you explore our product options, you’ll find a tree shear tailored for virtually any size of excavator, from mini excavators to larger machines. The versatility of our OMEF Tree Shears allows you to select the perfect attachment that complements your specific excavator’s capabilities, ensuring optimal performance.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

We understand that different customers have different budgets. Whether you are a land clearing contractor, a forestry contractor, or simply in need of reliable excavator attachments to remove trees efficiently, Solaris OMEF Tree Shears offer a range of options to suit nearly any budget. Don’t compromise on quality and performance – give us a call today to discuss your needs and find the perfect tree shear solution for your excavator.

Solaris OMEF Tree Shears for excavators are a testament to heavy-duty performance, efficiency, and versatility. With the ability to cut and transport trees with ease, these attachments are a valuable addition to any excavation operation. Choose Solaris OMEF Tree Shears for the power, durability, and value that your projects demand.

Available Models

Solaris Heavy Duty Tree Shears

Tree Shear “Big Inch” – BI100

Solaris Heavy Duty Tree Shears

Tree Shear “Big Inch” – BI200

Solaris Heavy Duty Tree Shears

Tree Shear “Big Inch” – BI300

Solaris Heavy Duty Tree Shears

Tree Shear “Big Inch” – BI400

Solaris Heavy Duty Tree Shears

Tree Shear “Big Inch” – BI500

Solaris Heavy Duty Tree Shears

Tree Shear “Big Inch” – BI600

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