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The first step before planting the seed is to prepare the soil. To ensure that the crops grow well and thrive, you need to ensure that your soil is perfect. At Solaris Attachments, we offer 3-point disc arrows, which are the best tool for the job.

Our 3-point disc arrows can be attached to tractors with Cat. 1 hitch and break through even the toughest soils. Connect our premium-quality disc harrows to your 3-point hitch and get high performance and efficiency in your agricultural projects.



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Meet Our Solaris 3-Point Disc Harrows for Tractors

Solaris Attachments 3-point disc harrows allow you to hook up the equipment to your tractor’s 3-point hitch. This ensures easy storage and transportation of the equipment. Since the harrow and the disc gang can be easily adjusted on the 3-point clevis hitch, it ensures quick and efficient assembly and ground variations.

Our harrows are very adaptable and flexible and allow you to operate in small spaces.

Disc Harrows$2,704.00$3,777.00

Key Features:

Traditionally, farmers have been using harrows to cultivate larger clumps of sod and even out the soil. More recently, harrows have also been used to tear down old crops that need to be turned into compost quickly.

No matter what project you are working on, our cutting-edge 3-point disc harrow has the ability to work on the toughest soil projects.

Powerful Disc Blades: Solaris Attachment’s disc harrow is equipped with 16-28 18-inch notched and smooth disc blades. Each blade has a serrated and finely honed edge that can hill, plow, and turn the soil, leaving smooth soil in its wake.

Greasable Bearings: Each 18-inch disc is spaced 7.5 inches apart and has self-aligned sealed bearings that can be lubricated for smooth turning of the harrow discs.

Durable Clevis Hitch: The clevis hitch offers easy hook-up of the attachments to the Category I hitch. The harrows work with tractors up to 45 HP.

Sturdy Mainframe Tube Construction: The supporting frame of the 3-point disc harrow is constructed using 3-inch square heavy-duty steel tubing. The frame is powder-coated and painted tractor-matching colors to prevent corrosion and rust over time.

Solaris Attachment’s 3-point disc harrow is a MUST-HAVE for landscapers and agriculturists who are looking to break up hard and crusted ground and control weeds in a cost-effective and timely way.

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DH Series
30-45 HP – 60″, 84″
Quick Hitch Compatible

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