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Whether you have a farming or landscaping business, at Solaris Attachments, we have the right tools that offer you the best results in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.

At Solaris Attachments, we prioritize high-quality, durability, and reliability so that you can be sure that every equipment and/or attachment you order from us is manufactured through engineering excellence. Our box blades are the perfect fit for all your landscaping and agriculture operations.

When you need a high-quality product that lasts for years, be sure to give us a call at Solaris Attachments.



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Meet Our Solaris Box Blades for Tractors

Solaris Attachment’s box blades are a MUST-HAVE attachment for any projects involving landscaping, gardening, grading, leveling, backfilling, and yard work. Equipped with a roll-formed moldboard and a superior back-cutting edge, our Blade Box can be adjusted for extra pushing power or simply some light digging. The front cutting edge and the scarifier teeth will then level out the ground and finish the job for you in a quick and efficient way.

Box Blades$913.00$2,056.00

Key Features:

Solaris Attachments’ Box Blades have been engineered to break up and level even the toughest ground, thanks to its adjustable ripping shanks. A heavy-duty back blade can easily move gravel and dirt for backfilling, ensuring optimal landscaping operations.

Our Box Blades are suitable for a Category 1 hitch.

High-quality Roll-formed Moldboard: Our high-quality roll-formed moldboard is an excellent choice for quick loading and unloading of soil. The material puts less drag on the box scraper, ensuring faster working conditions and fewer horsepower requirements.

Heavy-Duty End Plates: Our 3/16 inch end plates for the scraper and grader blades are perfect for filing, leveling, and grading soil and have been designed to withstand a lot of abuse.

Reversible Cutting Edges: Our box blades ½ inch x 6-inch reversible cutting edges are made of hardened steel, making it a breeze to easily push and pull material.

Durable Construction: The supporting frame of the blade box consists of ¼ inch wall x 3-1/2 inch tubing main frame. The frame is powder-coated and painted tractor-matching colors to prevent corrosion and rust over time.

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BB10 Series
Up to 24 HP – 48″, 60″
Quick Hitch Compatible

BB20 Series
Up to 40 HP – 48″ – 84″
Quick Hitch Compatible

BB30 Series
Up to 60 HP – 60″ – 96″
Quick Hitch Compatible

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