Unleash Efficiency with Solaris Premium Excavator Buckets

Discover the power and versatility of Solaris Attachments’ extensive range of American-made excavator buckets. Crafted to excel in various industries, including construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, and tree care, our excavator buckets are engineered to enhance the performance of your excavator, regardless of its make and model.

Excavator Buckets Tailored for Every Job

1. Digging Buckets

Dig with precision and power using our high-quality, first-rate digging buckets. Whether you’re working on a construction site or tackling agricultural tasks, our digging buckets are designed to handle a variety of soils and materials efficiently.

2. Ditching Buckets

For effective ditching and grading, our ditching buckets are the perfect choice. Achieve clean and precise cuts, making landscaping and forestry projects a breeze. The efficient design ensures optimal performance in various terrains. Available with smooth edge or replaceable bolt-on edge.

3. Trapezoid Buckets

When versatility is key, our trapezoid buckets shine. Ideal for handling irregularly shaped loads and materials, these buckets offer enhanced control and stability, making them a valuable addition to your equipment. We will fabricate the Trapezoid or V-Buckets to your specifications. 

4. Trenching Buckets

Navigate through excavation tasks effortlessly with our trenching buckets. Engineered for superior digging and efficient soil removal, these buckets ensure your trenching projects are completed with precision and speed. Available with bolt-on edge or with teeth. 

5. Tilt Buckets

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency with our Hydraulic Tilt Buckets for excavators. Engineered for precision, these buckets allow operators to tilt and angle 45 degrees L/R for optimal positioning, enhancing productivity on the job site. Upgrade your excavator’s capabilities with the Solaris high-quality tilt buckets – the perfect fusion of versatility and performance. 

6. Rock Buckets

Conquer challenging terrains with our robust rock buckets. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, these buckets excel in excavating rocky landscapes, providing durability and strength where it’s needed most to filter and separate soil from rocks.

7. Custom Buckets

Looking for an excavator bucket that’s out of the ordinary? Not a problem. Our engineering department will help you to design and fabricate the exact custom attachment you’re looking for.

Digging bucket
side view of Digging Bucket for excavator
Ditching bucket
Solaris Ditching-Grading Bucket
Trapezoid Bucket front view
Trenching Bucket
trenching bucket side view
side view of power-tilt bucket

Excavator Buckets with Unmatched Quality and Compatibility

At Solaris Attachments, we take pride in our commitment to quality. All our excavator buckets are American-made, ensuring durability and reliability in every task. Our extensive range covers different configurations, guaranteeing compatibility with various excavator makes and models.

Elevate Your Excavating Project Today

When you choose Solaris Attachments, you’re choosing efficiency and reliability. Our well-staffed production line, coupled with efficient expert management, ensures reasonable lead times for all our clients. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays and hello to a seamless experience from order to delivery.

Ready to place an order? Please be sure to fill out the appropriate measurement form and email it to dar@solarisattachments.com

If your excavator has straight pins and no coupler, download the form labeled ‘Solaris Bracket Dimension Request – PINS ONLY’

If your excavator has a coupler, download the form labeled ‘Solaris Bracket Dimension Request – COUPLER’

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1. What types of excavator buckets do Solaris Attachments offer?

At Solaris Attachments, we provide a diverse range of buckets, including digging buckets, ditching buckets, trapezoid buckets, trenching buckets, hydraulic tilt and rock buckets, each tailored for specific tasks.

2. Are Solaris digging buckets suitable for agricultural use?

   Absolutely! Our digging buckets are engineered to handle various soils and materials, making them perfect for both construction and agricultural tasks.

3. What makes trapezoid buckets unique?

   Trapezoid buckets from Solaris offer unparalleled versatility, excelling in handling irregularly shaped loads, creating ditches and providing enhanced control and stability during operations.

4. Can I achieve precise cuts with Solaris ditching buckets?

   Yes, our ditching buckets are designed for effective ditching and grading, ensuring clean and precise cuts that make landscaping and forestry projects a breeze.

5. Do trenching buckets from Solaris provide efficient soil removal?

   Absolutely! Our trenching buckets are engineered for superior digging and efficient soil removal, ensuring your trenching projects are completed with precision and speed. When you cannot use a chain trencher, our rugged trenching buckets provide the right alternative. 

6. How durable are Solaris rock buckets in challenging terrains?

   Our robust rock buckets are designed to conquer challenging terrains, excelling in excavating rocky landscapes, separating the soil from rocks efficiently and providing the durability and strength needed in tough conditions.

7. Are Solaris excavator buckets compatible with various makes and models?

   Yes, at Solaris Attachments, we take pride in our American-made excavator buckets, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of excavator makes and models. We can fit any size excavator and any configuration, whether you have straight pins, a pin grabber, manual coupler, Wain-Roy coupler or TAG coupler – we can do it!

8. What sets Solaris Attachments apart in terms of quality?

   Solaris Attachments is committed to delivering American-made excavator buckets, ensuring unmatched durability and reliability in every task.

9. Is Solaris available on evenings and weekends for customer support?

   Yes, we understand the importance of accessibility. Solaris is available in the evenings and weekends for your questions and support.

10. Can I expect efficient lead times with Solaris Attachments?

   Absolutely! Our well-staffed production line and efficient expert management guarantee reasonable lead times, ensuring a seamless experience from order to delivery. Choose Solaris for efficiency and reliability in your excavation projects.

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