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At Solaris Attachments, we offer a range of superior-quality landscape rakes that are required to clean and groom a landscaping project. From debris removal to final seeding preparation, our high-quality landscape rakes offer excellent performance and efficiency in any landscaping job.



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Meet Our Solaris Landscape for Tractors

Our landscape rake has been overengineered to handle landscaping jobs on all types of terrain, including clearing rock from the ground, prepping the soil, and removing brush and debris. Solaris Attachment’s landscape rake can handle small and large clumps of grass and dirt by breaking them up and removing them.

The unit is designed for flexibility and allows you to adjust the angle of the rake for extra control and precision. The tines on the rakes are carbonized for long life and durability, and the landscape rake comes with additional options, including gauge wheels and park stands.

The high-quality construction of Solaris Attachment’s landscape rakes is very beneficial for commercial companies that are involved in soil preparation and gradation.

Our power rakes are optimized to work with tractors with Category 1 hitches and are compatible with most similar models.

Landscape Rakes$749.00$1,125.00

Key Features:

Solaris Attachment’s landscape rake is essential for various property management and maintenance operations. The landscape rake is the perfect equipment for spreading fine materials like stone, soil, and mulch, as well as surface contouring and grading. Our landscape rakes are a time-efficient way to cut down on debris and brush cleanups. Our rakes can do a complete 360-degree rotation with five forward and reverse settings, allowing smooth pushing and pulling movement of the rake.

Attachment Type: These standard-duty landscape rakes are compatible with category 1 hitch, ensuring a hook and secure hookup.

High Carbon Teeth: The landscape rakes come with long-lasting carbide teeth spaced one inch from each other on the roller. The tines are durable and tempered, so they will not bend or break easily. If this happens, you can easily replace the broken tines with new ones.

Multiple Forward and Reverse Angle Settings: The landscape rake has five forward and five reverse raking capabilities, allowing us to use the right amount of raking profile and cutting the time it takes for landscape preparation in half.

Adjustable Wheel Height: The landscape rakes come with an option of gauge wheels that allows you to control the raking depth, reduce the pressure on the hitch, and extend the life of the teeth.

Durable Steel Frame: The landscape rake is equipped with a durable steel frame that supports the angled beam of the teeth and ensures improved performance.


  • Hitch Type: Category 1
  • Type of Teeth: High carbon teeth
  • Tine Spacing: 1-inch lockable tine spacing
  • Angle Settings: 5 forward settings and 5 reverse settings
  • Lift Pins: Reversible lift pins for quick adjustments
  • Finish: Powder coated with tractor-matching colors

Optional Equipment

  • Gauge wheels
  • Parking stand

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LR-10 Series
Up to 24 HP – 48″, 60″

LR-20 Series
Up to 45 HP – 60″, 72″, 84″, 96″
Quick Hitch Compatible


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