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The Solaris Auger Drive 2200-20 to 3300-30 are the perfect choice for small and medium sized skid steer loaders between 50HP-80HP and just like all our planetary drives in our line up, they are over-engineered and built to last.

High-quality hydraulic motors, output shaft bearings that are 50% larger than our nearest competitors’ comparable drive and the use of only high-grade materials mean that your Solaris auger drive will have a long, reliable service life.

Standard with the 2200-20 to 3300-30 series and unique to Solaris Auger Torque, the Non-Dislodgement Shaft is a single-piece drive shaft assembled top down and locked into the auger drive housing. This design guarantees that the shaft will never fall out, making for a safer work environment, not only for the operator but also for any surrounding workers. This is a MUST-HAVE FEATURE for any safety-conscious company.

Torque is amplified by using the unique Solaris Auger Torque planetary gearbox. This system allows the motor’s output torque to be multiplied with extreme efficiency as well as ensuring the durability and reliability you need.

High-quality hoses and couplers are standard with this series of auger drives (type and size need to be specified at the time of purchase). Rest assured, we keep all standards in stock; you will be ready to use your auger drives the moment you take delivery.

The Auger Drive 2200-20 to 3300-30 have been made using state-of-the-art engineering technology and the highest quality control standards in the industry. Some features that make this series of auger drives unique are mentioned below:

Heavy-Duty Forged Hood Ears: Our heavy-duty forged hood ears come as standard components with all auger drives and can withstand a huge amount of stress and strain. All the hood pins are securely locked, making it impossible for the hood to separate and fall from the hitch.

Non-Dislodgement Shaft: Standard with the Auger Drives 2200-20 to 3300-30, Solaris-Auger Torque’s patented, one-of-a-kind Non-Dislodgement Shaft is a single-piece drive shaft with a top-down assembly that is locked securely to the housing of the drill. Our unique design guarantees that the shaft will never become dislodged and fall out, ensuring a safer working environment for the operators and construction workers. This feature is a requisite for any safety-conscious company that manufactures or distributes auger drives.

Planetary Gearbox: Get the benefit of a multiplied torque by using our state-of-the-art planetary epicyclic gearbox. The system ensures highly effective and efficient torque amplification, which ensures more raw power as well as the reliability and durability that you need.

2-Way Valve: The Auger Drive 2200-20 to 3300-30 also benefits from the innovative Solaris-Auger Torque 2-way valve that transforms a single-acting hammer circuit into a double-acting 2-way auxiliary flow, ensuring improved control, precision, power, efficiency, and cost savings.

High-Grade Hydraulic Motors: Solaris-Auger Torque work closely with high-quality suppliers to deliver the most reliable and durable attachments to customers. Our auger drives are equipped with high-grade hydraulic motors, which enable a constant speed under varying torque for better efficiency and performance.

High-Quality Hoses and Couplers: This auger drives series is accompanied by high-quality hoses and couplers. Simply specify the type and size you need at the time of purchase, and we will deliver them to you from our stocked inventory so that you may be able to use the earth drill immediately.

All Solaris-Auger Torque attachments and equipment are warranted to be free from material, mechanical, or workmanship defects for a certain time (summarized below).

Planetary Gearbox: 72 months

Hydraulic Motors: 36 months

Other Parts and Products: 24 months

Note: The warranty is only valid if the product is attached, assembled, and used appropriately, according to the directions provided in the operator’s manuals and other instructions. The warranty period will start from the date of sale by the distributor or manufacturer.

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Model 2200-20 2700-25 3300-30
Oil Pressure Range 1161-3481 psi 1161-3481 psi 1161-3481 psi
Torque Range 708-2122 ft-lb 889-2666 ft-lb 1107-3319 ft-lb
Oil Flow Range 7-20 gpm 10-25 gpm 13-30 gpm
Speed Range 36-101 rpm 40-100 rpm 42-97 rpm
Shaft Options 2″ Hex (STD)
2.56″ Round
2″ Hex (STD)
2.56″ Round
 2″ Hex (STD)
2.56″ Round
Height 26″ 26″ 26″
Width 10″ 10″ 10″
Weight 157 lbs. 161 lbs. 166 lbs.
Hitch Options Single Pin Hitch
Double Pin Hitch
Cradle Hitch
Single Pin Hitch
Double Pin Hitch
Cradle Hitch
Single Pin Hitch
Double Pin Hitch
Cradle Hitch
Auger Range S4 S4 S4
Rec. Drilling Diameter Range 4″ to 24″ 4″ to 30″ 4″ to 36″
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