Forestry & Logging Attachments

No two land-clearing jobs are the same. So much depends on the type and density of the vegetation, the hardness of the wood, how much to clear and so many more variables! That’s why it is important to have the right kind of mulcher or combination of mulchers in order to perform that job as efficiently as possible.

Meet The Solaris Forestry & Logging Attachments:

Mulchers for Mini-Excavators
Mulchers for Mid-Size Excavators
Forestry Excavator Mulchers
Heavy Duty Tree Shears
Wood Shears
Rotating Grapples
Fixed Grapples
rabaud stump grinder
Rabaud Stump Grinders
Stump Planer
Tree Stumpers
Shark Tooth Stump Splitter
Solaris Rabaud Cone Splitter
Rabaud Cone Splitters
Black Splitter

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