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No two land clearing jobs are the same. So much depends on the type and density of the vegetation, the hardness of the wood, how much to clear and so many more variables! That’s why it is important to have the right kind of mulcher or combination of mulchers in order to perform that job as efficiently as possible.

At Solaris Attachments, we offer both skid steer and excavator mulchers. Choose from lower-flow and lighter mulchers for smaller excavators and lighter skid steers. These are our VM series which are suitable for standard-flow skid steers and small to mid-sized excavators. The VM series provides working widths of 40 inches or 60 inches and has the unique feature of being able to change the whole tooth drum instead of individual teeth, saving a LOT of time in the process.

For occasional use and to fit every budget and need, we also offer a superb disc-mulcher which can clear hard-to-reach vegetation, while a skid steer takes care of the thicker, more dense stuff below. The Solaris Disc Mulcher is a professional grade excavator attachment that serves non-professional landowners or hobbyist farmers just as well. We offer you, models, starting at around 10 gallons/per minute (gpm) all the way to 40 gpm, depending on what size excavator you have – there are many different options. We can fit any kind of quick-coupler, pin-grabber or straight pin configuration, no problem.

For the serious land clearing contractor who has hi-flow skid steer or compact track loaders, we offer two different sized, heavy-duty mulchers that will get the job done safely, efficiently, and reliably. Check out the Solaris Diamond Skid Steer Mulcher for Hi-flow machines.

For super-duty, everyday use in tough environments, we offer our Torrent Mulcher series. Don’t be fooled by the lighter weight of the Torrent Mulchers. They are designed to give the operator additional stability when reaching up high or way over a slope while retaining superb cutting power. Additional features include:

  • Lower Operating Cost estimated at around $6/hour with over 300 hours on cutters and 1000 hours on our bearings
  • High Strength Steel frames that can withstand impact and down pressure
  • Half the weight of competing models offering better stability
  • Through shaft versus stub shafts for a more durable and dependable cutting drum assembly
  • Heavy Duty double row spherical bearings provide high sideload ratings and a superior sealing system
  • High-performance patent-pending cutter technology consumes less horsepower than competing technologies
  • Teeth are heat-treated and 360 degrees rotatable for increased longevity
  • Torrent teeth outperform carbide for half the price – comparable to cutting a tree down with an axe instead of a hammer

Regardless of which mulcher or mulcher combination you may need, Solaris has chosen the highest quality mulchers available in the market as the most reasonable prices. Our consultants are experienced and ready to help answer your questions and guide you to the mulcher that is right for you and your upcoming projects.

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