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Midi Excavator Mulchers

Midi-Excavators or Mid-Sized Excavators are defined as excavators in the 13,000 – 35,250 lbs. range as far as our selection of this group of mulchers is concerned. We would normally define a mid-sized excavator starting at 20,000 lbs. However, these mulchers were designed to be able to work very well on some of the mini excavators, such as a John Deere 60, CAT 306, etc.



Meet Our Midi Excavator Mulchers

Some folks with mini excavators prefer to use fixed hammers because their application includes trees only. That’s why we offer the TFA-100 mulcher with fixed teeth for excavators in the 13,000 – 24,250 lbs. range so you can mulch trees 4.5 – 5.5” in diameter – at an affordable price, yet with superb quality and reliability.

Most of the products in this range are offered with flail hammers to allow you to mulch dense brush as well as trees in the 4.5” to 6” range, depending on the size of your excavator and the hydraulic flow it offers.

The advantage a flail mulcher of this caliber will offer is the efficient mulching of dense brush, as well as trees up to about 6” in diameter. Instead of throwing the material like a disc mulcher or blade mower, the mulcher hammers are attached to a drum which allow you to pulverize or “mulch” the material in place, thus leaving a clean and tidy job site without the need for additional, costly and time-consuming labor for cleanup.

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Mid-Size Excavator Mulchers$19,435.00$26,135.00


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Specifications Units TFAM-100 TFA-100 TFB-100 TFB-120 TFB-140
Cutting Width in. 39.5″ 39.5″ 39.5″ 47.25″ 55″
Hydraulic Flow, min/max gal/min 19.8 – 24 19.8 – 24 26.4-32 26.4-32 26.4-32
Oil Pressure, min/max psi 3481-3771 3481-3771 3626-4351  3626-4351  3626-4351
Operating Weight lbs. 1212 1235 1808 1984 2160
Max Cutting Diameter in. 4.5+” 4.5+” 5+” 5+” 5+”
Drum Diameter in. 14.25″ 14.25″ 16.25″ 16.25″ 16.25″
Number of Flail Hammers / Unit # 18 N/A 16 20 24
Fixed Hammers # N/A 37 N/A N/A N/A
Excavator Weight m-ton 6-11MT 6-11MT 10-16MT 10-16MT 10-16MT

Key Features:


  • Replaceable Tooth Cutting Drum 
  • Up to 55″ Cutting Width
  • Heavy Duty Hardox Steel Construction 
  • Hinged Debris Cover for easy access 
  • High-Quality Piston Motor
  • Hoses included! 

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