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The easiest and most efficient form of erosion control is achieved with one of our high-quality attachments. From straw crimpers to silt-fence installers, we’ve got the equipment to help you get the job done in the most effective way.



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The easiest and best way to keep stormwater from overflowing is with a Solaris Burchland Silt Fence Installer for your skid steer, excavator, or tractor. The silt fence installer will decrease water pollution if you follow the rules set by the SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan). The Solaris Burchland Silt Fence Installer slices and plows through dirt to securely install the silt fence fabric in no time. This 100% made in the USA attachment will accomplish your goals by being built like a tank and rugged dependability that you will enjoy for many years. This attachment can handle any tough applications. No wheels or moving parts are required to transition the geotextile fabric into the ground. The installer “knifes” the fabric into the ground without a fold which allows the entire width of the fabric to be utilized. By being installed this way, the silt fence fabric is stronger due to increased ground tension and is capable of withholding washouts under the fabric. The contractor can install thousands of feet of fabric per hour down to any depth you choose up to 20 inches.

The Solaris SCX Straw Crimper’s sturdy construction and ease of operation will let you confidently and uniformly crimp straw and make it stay in that form – to keep the soil in place and undisturbed. Even though high winds and heavy rain, this machine will produce lasting crimped straw. This attachment is proudly made in the USA

Mulching is no longer a hassle when you use the Solaris Burchland SCX Straw Crimper. The advantage of using this machine is its disc can pivot left and right, up and down independently from each other. The result of the disc’s ability to pivot in different directions means having secure, even straw mulch installation even through rocks, roots, stumps, and sidewalks. Single-shaft crimpers, on the other hand, lift the entire machine when they hit a rock and they disengage the soil. The Solaris Burchland SCX Crimper will float and pivot over objects when it comes across them, while all other discs on the SCX crimper remain firmly engaged with the soil – this is a hugely important difference that you will not get in other crimpers. Since our disc pivots, it allows for smoother, tighter turns for faster installation.

Solaris Silt Fence Installer for Skid Steers

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Solaris Range of Straw Crimpers for Skid Steers

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