Solaris Rotary Cutters for Tractors

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Solaris Attachments rotary cutters have been engineered to cut tall grass and light brush in a safe and efficient way. The rotary cutters offer optimal performance for property maintenance applications and have the key features and strengths to help construction workers, farmers, and landscapers handle the toughest jobs.



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Meet Our Solaris Rotary Cutters for Tractors

Solaris Attachments rotary cutters have been engineered to cut weeds, overgrown grass, and brush in order to maintain open parks, airports, pastures, and other commercial places where clipping distribution is of high priority for a manicured look.

The rotary cutters consist of a baffled deck which improves the directional airflow and allows the blade to distribute the clippings across the entire width of the rotary cutter.

Rotary Cutter$1,878.95$2,538.60

Key Features:

Solaris Attachment rotary cutters are engineered from super durable, high-grade carbon steel with a powder-coated finish to ensure longevity and durability. These high-quality blades offer smooth operations, ensuring a comfortable and vibration-free mowing experience.

Take a look at some of the major features of Solaris Attachment rotary cutters.

Attachment Type: Solaris Attachment’s rotary cutters are compatible with Category 1 hitch tractors and offer secure and easy hookups.

Easy Maneuvering: The deck design of the Solaris Attachment rotary cutters enables easy and efficient maneuvering, particularly in tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas like around trees, flowerbeds, and fences.

Adjustable Cutting Height: Our rotary cutters make it easy to adjust the cutting height. This can be done by adjusting the tractor’s 3-point connection and moving the support bar to the height you want to cut.

PTO Slip Clutch & Shearbolt: For Solaris Attachments, safety is paramount. The shear bolt and slip clutch driveline adds an extra measure of safety to the machinery and prevents damage and injury. The drivelines are greasable and easy to maintain.

Reinforced Gearbox: The rotary cutter is equipped with a 40 HP gearbox and strongbacks that are designed to tolerate years of abuse and stress.

Efficient Uplift Blades: The uplift blades have deep curves on the ends, which results in air suctions that guide and expel the clippings. The higher amount of airflow helps to prevent blockages when mowing wet grass.


  • Attachment Type: Flexible floating 3-pt. hitch
  • Laminated tail wheel
  • 11 gauge deck with 11 gauge side bands
  • Full-length skid plates
  • Driveline: Shearbolt or slip clutch driveline
  • Gearbox: 40 HP
  • Blade Type: Uplift blades on round blade holder

Optional Equipment

  • Front Deflector – foot guard/chain or belt
  • Rear Deflector – chain or belt

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RC200 Series
Up to 40 HP – 48″, 60″, 72″
Quick Hitch Compatible

Solaris Rotary Cutters for Tractors

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