Brush Cutter Terminator Attachments

Are you a landscaping contractor or land clearing company looking for a quality skid steer attachment that you can count on? Or perhaps you own a large property and need to keep it looking great, but conventional mowers just won’t do the job. You have come to the right place for your skid steer attachments. We hand-pick the finest US manufacturers and offer you only the best, most durable and reasonably priced skidsteer attachments for your landscaping needs.

A Great Attachment

The brush cutter is great for skid steer, track loaders, and multi-terrain loader machines. The brush mower is designed to cut up to 4-inch diameter material (depending on flow and material). This unit can be built for machines from 10-27 GPM. We have 4 different motors that we use in this range in order to properly fit the brush mower to your machine. The open front design of this mower allows material to enter and exit the deck efficiently. The brush mower comes standard with 5000 psi rated hydraulic hoses with 1/2” flat face quick couplers. Each one of these units is built for the machine in which you intend to use the mower on. We have several different motor configurations we use we on the brush mower to achieve a blade tip speed of over 14,000 ft per min. This is the optimal speed for the blades of the mower to cut material properly. 100% made in the USA!

Reinforced Sides

The deck sides are reinforced with ¼” grade 50 US Steel. The cutter comes with a ½” thick push bar. This brush mower has a 50 hp direct drive gear box. The deck of the brush mower is 3/16” grade 50 Steel. Our blade holder is 1” think and holds two blades. These heavy duty skid steer attachments are made for many years of use clearing brush on your farm, land or right of way. We offer this brush mower to service the small landowner, tree service companies, landscape contractors, power companies, utility companies, cities, DOT’s and much more! You will not find another skidsteer attachment of this quality and durability at this price.

The TERMINATOR is designed for skid steers, compact track loaders, and multi-terrain loader machines. This unit will work on machines with a hydraulic flow between 17-45 gallons per minute. This is a direct drive cutter with a 3 blade cutting system that provides a powerfully effective cut while maintaining safety. The TERMINATOR comes with hydraulic hoses with quick connect couplers. 100% made in the USA!

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