OMEF Heavy-Duty Excavator Log Splitter

Log Splitting or Wood Splitting can take on a different meaning depending on which region of the world you live, what type of wood you’re splitting, and for which purpose you are splitting it. That is why we offer a variety of different splitters to accommodate all types of projects.

Even those of you who are equipped with wood processors, need to get a log down to a certain size, so you can process the wood into smaller pieces. We have the right kind of splitter for that. Others may want to split for outdoor wood boilers and others use it for firewood. Those of us with mini excavators know that it will save your back and do the job so much faster by using the machine to cut the wood down to the size you need. If you are either an avid log splitter that needs to cut down larger trees into smaller bits of wood to dry or you’re a commercial logger, land-clearing contractor and need to get larger trunks down to size for more efficient hauling – this may just be the right tool for you:

Our commercial-grade OMEF Log Splitter utilizes mini excavators and larger excavators (5-12-ton range) to handle large logs from both sides which applies blades from both sides to split the wood with hydraulic force. There are handles to allow the operator to lift pieces and pile them. As an add-on, we offer a rotator, so you are able to rotate the attachment 360 degrees without having to turn the machine, making it exponentially more efficient for wood splitting.

The beauty of this particular wood splitter is that it can “hug” the entire tree trunk, split it in half, then carry the remaining pieces to the desired pile – all from the comfort of your cab. This splitter offers a 28-ton force which is more than plenty to crack the hardest of woods around. Made from Hardox Steel, this tool is built to last. Durability and reliability make this log splitter your friend when land-clearing or getting ready for the winter.

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