Solaris Excavator Buckets

At Solaris Attachments we offer an extensive range of American-made excavator bucket attachments for the following industries: construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping & tree care.

No matter what make and model your excavator, we offer excavator buckets that come with different configurations which are compatible with your excavator.

Simply inform us about the quick coupler that your excavator has, or if you have just straight pins, and we will send you a bucket hook-up that is compatible with your machine. If your excavator has a pin-grabber rather than a quick-coupler, send us the measurements of your pin diameters, the distance between your pins, and a few other custom measurements. We have forms for every configuration which make the process very easy.

As soon as we have this info, we will process your order and will send you the right excavator bucket attachment to you in a reasonable amount of time. Our office will forward you tracking info once the buckets are on their way.

Range of Excavator Bucket Attachments

At Solaris Attachments, we offer you an extensive range of bucket attachments. Pick the one that you need, and we will deliver it to you right at your doorstep.

Since our production line is well-staffed and we have efficient expert management, we offer all our clients reasonable lead times.

Ready to place an order? Please be sure to fill out the appropriate measurement form and email it to

If your excavator has straight pins and no coupler, download the form labeled ‘Solaris Bracket Dimension Request – PINS ONLY’

If your excavator has a coupler, download the form labeled ‘Solaris Bracket Dimension Request – COUPLER’

Questions? Call us at (888) 754-3609.



Meet our Excavator Buckets:

Solaris General Excavator Bucket Extreme Duty

At Solaris Attachments, we offer Digging Buckets in every size for a variety of projects.

Excavator size: Excavators from 2500lbs up to 120,000 lbs.

Bucket size: Width between 8 inches and 96 inches, with size customization.

Components: High-grade steel teeth and wear plates that offer superior durability. Offer custom options for a specific tooth.

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