Excavator Buckets

At Solaris Attachments we offer an extensive range of American-made excavator bucket attachments for the following industries: construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping & tree care.

Standard Duty Digging Buckets$757.99$19,048.67
Heavy Duty Digging Buckets$4,625.88$17,866.46
Extreme Duty Digging Buckets$5,119.32$19,246.93
Ditch Cleaning Buckets$781.00$11,363.00
Power Tilt Buckets$4,574.00$9,046.00
Excavator Rakes$1,614.09$7,117.00

At Solaris Attachments we offer an extensive range of American-made excavator bucket attachments for the following industries: construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping & tree care. No matter what make and model your excavator, we offer an array of excavator buckets that come with different configurations which are compatible with your excavator.

Simply inform us about the quick coupler that your excavator has, or if you have just straight pins, and we will send you a bucket hook-up that is compatible with your machine. If your excavator has a pin-grabber rather than a quick-coupler, send us the measurements of your pin diameters, the distance between your pins, and a few other custom measurements. We have forms for every configuration which make the process very easy.

As soon as we have this info, we will process your order and will send you the right excavator bucket attachment to you in a reasonable amount of time. Our office will forward you tracking info once the buckets are on their way.

Range of Excavator Bucket Attachments

At Solaris Attachments, we offer you an extensive range of bucket attachments. Pick the one that you need, and we will deliver it to you right at your doorstep.

Since our production line is well-staffed and we have efficient expert management, we offer all our clients reasonable lead times.

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Meet our Excavator Buckets:

Solaris Excavator Bucket

At Solaris Attachments, we offer Digging Buckets in every size for a variety of projects.

Excavator size: Excavators from 2500lbs up to 120,000 lbs.

Bucket size: Width between 8 inches and 96 inches, with size customization.

Components: High-grade steel teeth and wear plates that offer superior durability. Offer custom options for a specific tooth.

Heavy-duty Options: As optional additions, we also offer outer wear plates, heel shrouds, lip shrouds, and side cutters.

We offer an extensive range of high-quality Ditching Buckets.

Excavator size: Excavators from 2500 lbs up to 120,000 lbs. Some sizes are available for even larger machines.

Bucket size: Buckets are available in all widths, depending on the size of the excavator.

Components: Buckets are equipped with a smooth edge with an additional bolt-on edge.

Additional Options: We also offer the option of drain holes and gussets.

Order from our range of tilting ditching buckets today.

Excavator size: Compatible with most sizes of excavators.

Bucket size: Come in a wide range of widths.

Components: Equipped with a bolt-on edge.

Features: Power tilt buckets enable 90-degree rotation of the bucket in every direction. An affordable alternative for a tilt coupler for people who need tilting buckets for single-time jobs.

Excavator ripper teeth are low-cost alternatives for jobs that require ripping soil. Features include:

Excavator Size: Ripper teeth are available for excavators of all sizes.

Size: At Solaris Attachments, we offer a wide range of ripper tooth sizes for every order. Let us know which size you need for your particular job.

Application: A low-cost excavator attachment for easily ripping hard terrain, whether it is hard soil, rock, or ice. Ripping open the ground before excavating will decrease wear and tear on your excavator bucket attachments as well as the machine itself.

At Solaris Attachments, we offer a range of excavator brush rakes for a variety of construction, agricultural, and landscaping jobs.

Excavator size: These brush rakes are available for standard, heavy-duty, and extreme-duty excavators.

Component: Thick, durable, and well-spaced tines, which allow smaller debris to fall through easily.

Application: Excellent for sifting rubble and debris from construction and demolition sites or for land clearing.

Replacement: If any of the teeth fall off, we can offer you a replacement for any size of brush rake.

Solaris Attachment offers customized skeleton buckets for all types of construction projects.

Size: All the skeleton buckets have been designed to fit an excavator of any size.

Design: The design of the skeleton bucket is chosen by the customer. You decide on the style of tines and tine spacing.

Add-on: We also offer you side cutters as well as additional teeth as optional components.

Application: A skeleton bucket offers efficient shifting of material during construction and landscaping projects.

Solaris Attachment offers heavy-duty cribbing buckets for a wide variety of construction projects.

Bucket Size: Cribbing buckets come in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch size options for mini excavators. Teeth are included with the order.

Excavator Size: Cribbing buckets are compatible with all excavator sizes.

Components: Our cribbing bucket has an inserted shank which can be replaced easily. The buckets have heavy-duty sides that offer durability and longer life.

Application: Used for projects like railroad maintenance which involve removing railroad ties as well as some minor trenching.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of our pavement removal buckets.

Size: Solaris Attachments Pavement Removal Buckets are manufactured for all models and sizes of excavators.

Construction: Made from heavy-duty steel that offers its long life and durability.

Application: Pavement removal buckets are excellent options that are designed to pry out, remove, and load cement and pavement slabs in one or more pieces.

Trapezoid buckets and V buckets are essential attachments for ditching work. Features include:

Size: Our trapezoid bucket and V buckets are customized and sized according to the needs of the client. Compatible with excavators of all sizes. Let us know about the top width, bottom width, height, and slope needed for the bucket, and we will deliver it to you within a reasonable time.

Optional Components: Our trapezoid bucket and V buckets also come with custom designs and components like smooth or bolt-on edges or teeth.

Application: A cost-effective option for ditching work and ditch shaping. Reduce the need for backfill, helping ensure cost cutting.

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