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Solaris Cold Planers for Skid Steer Loaders

Solaris Attachments has once again teamed up with G.F. Gordini to offer an unbeatable value: Rugged performance, confidence in reliability and durability, all coupled with an attractive price for our lineup of cold planers for the occasional millwork to the dedicated milling contractor. These are professional-grade road planers designed for extreme-duty commercial use.




Meet Our Cold Planers for Skid Steer Loaders

Standard Flow Cold Planers

Our Standard Flow Skid Steer Cold Planer, CP 40.13, offers a direct drive motor with up to 3481 max psi. This is a skid steer attachment that will fit on skid steer loaders up to 7700 lbs. and can also be used on backhoes and wheel loaders! If your backhoe, wheel loader or skid steer maxes out at about 16gpm of hydraulic flow, this cold planer attachment may be the one for you!

Medium Hi-Flow and Hi-Flow Cold Planers

We offer a further six options as skid steer attachments, backhoe attachments or wheel loader attachments for milling work, whether you are milling asphalt or concrete. Now you can do so reliably and efficiently with the Solaris Cold Planer for machines up to 42 gpm. These millwork attachments offer transmissions with radial piston motors and the largest model, CP 100.15, even offers two hydraulic motors for maximum milling power! Case drains are a requirement for the hi-flow versions and are upper-end cold planers are also offered with 5 hoses and quick-disconnects (2 hi-flow hoses, 2-standard flow hoses and one case drain). All units are delivered ready-to-use with universal quick-attach plates.

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Solaris Cold Planers for Skid Steer Loaders


Standard Flow Key Features:


  • Standard Drum with Asphalt Teeth 
  • Mechanical depth adjusters on both sides 
  • Side-shift capability 
  • Rugged frame with steel wheels 
  • Universal Quick-Attach 
  • Transmission with two hydraulic lines & direct drive orbital motor 
  • Max pressure of 3481 psi on return line 
  • Delivered with hoses & quick-disconnect couplings 

Hi Flow Key Features:

  • Standard Drum with Asphalt Teeth 
  • Hydraulic Side-Shift 
  • Mechanical depth adjustment on each side 
  • Mechanical front tilt 
  • Transmission with 3 hydraulic lines & radial piston motor (2 hydraulic motors for model CP 100.15) 
  •  Rugged Frame with Steel Wheels 
  • Universal Quick Attach 
  • Delivered with hoses & Quick Couplers for machines with dual flow systems (5 hoses) 
  • 14-pin Deutsch Connector. If machine does not feature a 14-pin system, a hardwire electrical harness will be provided 

See our Cold Planers in Action:

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Solaris Cold Planers for Skid Steer Loaders
Solaris Cold Planers for Skid Steer Loaders

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