Tree Shear Attachments

Are you a landscaping contractor, tree service or land clearing company looking for a quality excavator attachment that you can count on, such as a tree shear? Or perhaps you own a large property and need to keep it looking great, but conventional attachments just won’t do the job. You have come to the right place for your landscaping attachments. We hand-pick the finest US manufacturers and offer you only the best, most durable and reasonably priced excavator attachments for your landscaping needs.

With a powerful 5″ bore cylinder, trees and limbs are no match for the Solaris excavator tree shear. The rigid design of this shear will allow you to have a reliable excavator attachment that aids in maintaining farms, rights-of-ways, CRP land, and countless other applications. Unlike on a skid steer tree shear, you can reach higher limbs with the excavator, go over fencing and guard-rails, and easily reach down into ditches, banks, and hillsides more efficiently and safely.

These heavy-duty excavator attachments are made for many years of use, shearing trees and branches on your farm, land or right of way. We offer this excavator tree shear to service the small landowner, tree service companies, landscape contractors, power companies, utility companies, cities, DOT’s and much more! We also offer you the option of three different sizes of tree shears for mini excavators starting at 6,000 lbs. all the way to mid-sized excavators up to 18,000 lbs. You will not find another excavator attachment of this quality and durability at this price.

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