Solaris Attachments, a U.S.-based quality attachment company is helping aid in Hurricane Ida restoration efforts.

In the wake of Hurricane Ida and the damage to property she caused, Solaris Attachments is helping with the recovery effort by having shipments of storm clean-up attachments en-route to its Nashville, Tennessee warehouse for immediate availability.

Seattle, Washington Sep 3, 2021 (  – As an attempt to aid in the restoration efforts to these impacted states, Solaris Attachments is waiving all delivery fees for its attachments to make it easier for people to have access to these essential tools to begin the cleanup process.

Attachments that are currently en route are; Pole Setters, Tree Shears, Stump Grinders, Grapples, and Mulchers and fit machines like Excavators, Mini-Excavators, Skid Steers, and tractors. These attachments should be arriving at their Nashville warehouse within the coming weeks.

In the states that were impacted by Hurricane Ida, repercussions from this storm’s damage will be felt for quite a while. Downed utility poles and power lines have left thousands without power, potentially for several weeks. Downed utility and power poles are only part of the problems that the devastation this storm caused. The astronomical number of trees knocked over results in stumps needing to be removed before rebuilding can begin.

Solaris Attachments is trying to help all those impacted by the storm find their footing to rebuild.

When contacting Solaris Attachments, make sure to inform them that you are in one of the states impacted by Hurricane Ida to ensure the delivery and freight fees are waived.

Solaris Attachments is a certified U.S. Federal Government Contractor and is headquartered in Seattle, WA with satellite offices in Florida and Tennessee. They offer over 200 high-quality attachments for Excavators, Skid Steers, and Tractors.

You can get more information at, or by calling them directly at (888) 754-3609.