A construction project requires a diverse range of machinery to maintain an efficient, safe, and productive job site. Most of the equipment on site will depend on the type of construction and the project’s scope; however, there are a few types of heavy machinery equipment commonly seen in almost all types of projects. 

Let’s look at some of the most essential heavy machinery equipment for a construction project. 


An excavator is a type of machinery that can be used for a variety of tasks with the help of various attachments. The main purpose of an excavator is to dig or excavate the ground; however, it is also widely used for other tasks, including trenching, digging holes, landscaping, demolition, etc. 

In fact, the excavator is one of the most used machines on the construction site, making it one of the most important pieces of equipment used today. 


Another piece of equipment that has multi-purpose use is the backhoe. As the name indicates, the equipment consists of a vehicle with a hoe attached to the rear of the vehicle while a loading bucket is attached to the front.  

A backhoe is a very important piece of equipment for digging out trenches below machine level. The front bucket is very useful when it comes to loading, lifting, and unloading various types of material and objects. 


The main purpose of trenchers is to dig trenches in the soil. These trenches are mostly used for laying down pipelines and telecom cables as well as for creating drains. 

Trenchers are available in two types, including wheeled trenchers and chain trenchers. Wheeled trenchers consist of a metal wheel that is equipped with a digging tool, while chain trenchers consist of a fixed arm with a digging chain. 

Wheeled trenchers are very effective when the project requires digging through hard layers of soil. You have the option to choose wheeled vehicle trenchers or tracked trenchers. 

Skid Steer Loaders 

A skid steer loader offers a lot of versatility which is why it is one of the most important tools used in construction projects. Skid steer loaders are used to load material, including construction site debris, excavated soil, or raw material, onto trucks and dumpers. The loader also consists of a large bucket at its front, which allows it to push and carry objects. 

The scope of a skid steer loader can be widened by using various attachments, including those designed for digging and drilling. Since skid steer loaders are compact in size, they are very maneuverable and can easily reach places other heavy machinery cannot. 


Bulldozers are heavy machinery that is fitted with flat and broad blades on the front that allow them to push a huge amount of soil and earth. These pieces of equipment are used for grading the ground since their huge bulk and power can flatten everything in their path easily. 

There are several types and sizes of bulldozers available, so you will need to decide which one serves your projects the best. 

Tower Cranes 

Tower cranes are one of the oldest and most productive machines used in the construction process. This equipment consists of a tall supporting mast, a jib which is the working arm of the crane, and a counter jib, which is the other arm and carries the counterweight on the rear of the crane. There is also an operator cabin from which you can operate the crane. 

These cranes are used for lifting and hoisting equipment and raw material in the construction of tall structures. Materials like concrete blocks, building frames, and steel trusses can easily be hoisted up by these tower cranes.  


Telehandlers are also a kind of hoisting equipment that is used to lift heavy material up to the required height. This equipment also has a construction platform that can easily lift workers to great heights. 

The machine consists of a long telescopic boom arm which can be lowered or raised. Telehandlers can be attached to various equipment like buckets, forklifts, cabins, and a lifting jib based on the tasks required for the job. 

Piling Rigs 

A piling rig is a construction machine that is used to drill piles in soil, clay, and other terrains. This machinery can also be used to create diaphragm partitions into the soil to create foundations for buildings. 

Piling rigs are used in a wide variety of projects, including city construction, civil engineering, and construction of railway pilings. In fact, almost all types of construction-related activities use piling rigs today. 


Bottom Line 

Having access to these type of important heavy machinery equipment can increase accuracy, efficiency, and speed during a construction project. At Solaris Attachments, we can help you increase the productivity of these heavy machines by offering various attachments that can transform them into multi-purpose work machines. 

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