A skid steer loader is an important piece of equipment that is very useful for different types of construction, farming, and landscaping options. The beauty of a skid steer loader is that it is compatible with various types of attachments.

Here are some of the most important attachments for a construction job involving skid steers.


An auger is a very important attachment for a skid steer loader and makes it simple to drill holes into grounds of all conditions. The auger has a corkscrew shape that can go deep into the ground without damaging the soil around it. The most powerful kinds of augers are the ones that are powered by planetary gear drive systems.

Augers for skid steers can come in a variety of sizes and applications and should be chosen based on the depth and size of the hole.


Buckets are very important equipment that has the primary purpose of moving materials and lifting heavy objects like rock and soil. The biggest advantage of getting a bucket for your skid steer is that it is one of the most cost-effective options and is simple to use.

At Solaris Attachments, we offer you a wide range of buckets that can handle all sorts of materials, including buckets that dispense cement and those that can carefully carry awkwardly shaped objects. Find the one that suits your needs.


Rakes are very important equipment in farming and landscaping applications since they can gather rocks, broken wood, and debris without wasting manpower. Rakes are also able to break apart small pieces of clogged earth, help in leveling the ground, and aerate the soil. As such, they can be a very valuable attachment to any landscaping project.

At Solaris Attachments, we offer rake models in a range of sizes. Talk to us to find the rake that best suits your project needs.


A trencher attachment, as the name indicates, is designed to help a skid steer dig trenches. If done manually, a trench would require several men and hours and days of physical labor; however, a single trencher attachment can do the work much more effectively and swiftly.

Like other attachments, trenchers also come in a wide variety of sizes for the desired depth. A 42-inch trencher is sufficient to create a trench that can accommodate drain pipes, telecom cables, and irrigation systems.

Brush Cutters

Brush cutters, also known as brush hogs, are excellent attachment tools that are designed to clear overgrowth and make cleaning up the land easier. This equipment consists of blades that can cut cleanly through thick material, which means you can use them to cut small trees as well.

Depending on your use, brush cutters are available in various sizes from 60-inch to 72-inch cutting width.


If your project requires you to move very heavy and cumbersome objects, like big logs and boulders, then a basic bucket will not be able to do the job right. For that, you will need grapple buckets that are created to handle larger debris.

Grapples are fitted with two large grapple arms that offer extra security to whatever you need to move. This means you can enjoy a higher level of safety on the job site as well.

Cold Planers

Cold planer attachments are excellent tools for precise paving projects. These equipment are multi-purpose tools for road construction applications, including pavement removal, material milling, removing traffic line paint, and more. Hence, they are excellent tools for removing ground imperfections before resurfacing.

At Solaris Attachments, we offer a range of cold planers for your skid steers which are perfect for residential, commercial, and municipal jobs.


Also known as a sweeper attachment, a broom is a very helpful attachment tool that is indispensable when you need to clean and clear the job site without wasting manpower. The broom is made of high-grade poly bristles that can move around a cylinder.

Many brooms also come with a bucket attachment, which allows even more convenience since you won’t have to scoop up and haul away the debris left behind.

Hydraulic brooms offer efficiency and speed and are also used to spread the material evenly across a job site.

Bottom Line

Finding the right attachments for your skid steer can be confusing. At Solaris Attachments, our customer representatives can help you find the attachments that are best suited for the job. Reach out to us today to order your skid steer attachments from us.