Unlock Efficiency and Versatility with Solaris Auger Torque Drives for Telehandlers

Are you seeking a reliable and efficient solution to elevate your telehandler’s performance? Look no further than Solaris Auger Torque Drives and Bits! Our exceptional range of Auger Systems, including the 4000-30, 5200-35, and 6000-40 drives, is tailor-made for high-flow telehandlers ranging from 4.5MT (9,900 lbs.) to 8MT (17,600 lbs.). Here are some of the features and advantages of Solaris Auger Torque systems and how they can take your telehandler to the next level.

The Perfect Choice for Your Telehandler: Auger Drives & Bits

Solaris-Auger Torque takes pride in offering the perfect upgrade for your telehandler. Our Auger Drives and Bits are meticulously designed to provide unrivaled efficiency and versatility. Whether you’re working on a construction site, landscaping project, or any other demanding task, these high-quality attachments will meet your needs with ease.

The Solaris Auger Drives 4000-30, 5200-35, and 6000-40 are your telehandler’s best friends when it comes to handling a broad spectrum of projects. These Auger Drives and Bits are specially crafted to adapt seamlessly to your telehandler, giving you the freedom to switch between attachments effortlessly. This versatility is a game-changer, allowing you to tackle various tasks without the need for multiple machines. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly switching equipment and hello to productivity.

Experience Peace of Mind with Solaris Auger Torque

Solaris High Flow Skid Steer and Telehandler Auger Drive

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our Auger Drives and Bits. With Solaris-Auger Torque, you can trust that your telehandler is in safe hands. Our high-quality hydraulic motors are designed to deliver top-notch performance and reliability. These powerful motors ensure that your telehandler operates smoothly, efficiently, and without a hitch. That’s why we back up our planetary gear drives with a 6-year warranty!

But that’s not all; our Auger Drives and Bits boast output shaft bearings that are an impressive 50% larger than those found in comparable drives offered by our closest competitors. This larger bearing size means increased durability and longevity, ensuring that our products can withstand even the harshest working conditions. With Solaris-Auger Torque, you’re not only investing in efficiency but also in peace of mind.


Standard with all auger drives in areas that we know will take a lot of strain. All hood pins are locked for extra safety making it impossible for the hood to detach from your hitch.


Torque is amplified by using the unique Auger Torque planetary gearbox. This system allows the motor’s output torque to be multiplied with extreme efficiency as well as ensuring the durability and reliability you need.


Unique to Auger Torque, the Non-Dislodgement Shaft is a single-piece drive shaft assembled top down and locked into the auger drive housing. This design guarantees that the shaft will never fall out, making for a safer work environment, not only for the operator but also any surrounding workers, a MUST-HAVE FEATURE for any safety-conscious company.


Auger Torque’s huge buying power means we work closely with high-quality suppliers to develop the most reliable attachments available on the market today.


All Auger Drives come standard with high-quality hoses and adaptors (excludes larger units. QRC’s not included).

All Solaris-Auger Torque attachments and equipment are warranted to be free from material, mechanical, or workmanship defects for a certain time (summarized below).

Planetary Gearbox: 72 months

Hydraulic Motors: 36 months

Other Parts and Products: 24 months

Note: The warranty is only valid if the product is attached, assembled, and used appropriately, according to the directions provided in the operator’s manuals and other instructions. The warranty period will start from the date of sale by the distributor or manufacturer.

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1. What are Solaris Auger Torque Drives for Telehandlers?

Solaris Auger Torque Drives are high-performance attachments designed for telehandlers, enhancing their digging and drilling capabilities.

2. Which Telehandlers are compatible with Solaris Auger Torque Drives?

Solaris offers Auger Drives compatible with a range of telehandlers, suitable for those with capacities between 4.5MT (9,900 lbs.) and 8MT (17,600 lbs.).

3. What makes Solaris Auger Torque Drives stand out?

These drives offer unparalleled versatility, allowing you to switch between attachments effortlessly, making your telehandler adaptable to various tasks.

4. Can Solaris Auger Torque Drives fit different tasks?

Yes, Solaris Auger Torque Drives are perfect for a wide array of tasks, from construction and landscaping to any demanding project that requires drilling and digging.

5. What Auger Drive models are available for Telehandlers?

Solaris provides a range of Auger Drive models, including the 4000-30, 5200-35, and 6000-40, tailored to meet different needs.

6. How does the quality of Solaris Auger Torque Drives compare to competitors?

Solaris drives feature high-quality hydraulic motors, as well as output shaft bearings that are 50% larger than those in comparable drives, ensuring superior performance and durability.

7. What materials are used in Solaris Auger Torque Drives?

Solaris is committed to using only high-grade materials, guaranteeing the robust construction and long-lasting service life of their Auger Drives.

8. Why should I invest in Solaris Auger Torque Drives for my telehandler?

These drives not only enhance your telehandler’s capabilities but also contribute to cost savings by reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

9. How easy is it to switch between attachments with Solaris Auger Torque Drives?

Solaris Auger Drives are designed for quick and hassle-free attachment changes, making your telehandler even more versatile on the job.

10. Where can I purchase Solaris Auger Torque Drives for Telehandlers?

You can acquire Solaris Auger Torque Drives through authorized dealers and distributors. Contact us today at (888) 754-3609 or fill out the form below.

Superior Quality: Solaris Auger Torque Auger Drives & Bits

Solaris S5 Auger
S5: 4.5MT – 8MT

What sets Solaris Auger Torque apart from the rest is our unwavering dedication to quality. We use only the finest materials, and our manufacturing techniques are second to none. This dedication to quality guarantees that our Auger Drives and Bits are built to last, providing you with a dependable service life that outshines the competition.

When you choose Solaris Auger Torque Auger Drives and Bits for your telehandler, you’re making a wise investment in your business’s long-term success. Our superior manufacturing techniques and top-grade materials ensure that your telehandler will perform at its best, even in the most demanding environments. Say goodbye to costly downtime and hello to better productivity and profitability.

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