Many of us in the US live in an on-demand world. We expect our coffee to be ready in seconds, our movies to stream at a moment’s notice, and our packages to arrive at our doorstep overnight.

When purchasing heavy machinery, excavator attachments, or skid steer attachments, however, the entire process naturally isn’t as fast since there are many moving parts to ordering attachments and heavy machinery. There could be many complications and logistics delays along the way, including customs, manufacturing issues, and more recently, a global pandemic gumming up the works. But at Solaris Attachments, we do everything we can to get you your attachments quickly and efficiently by having skilled staff who closely monitor your order to intercept potential issues before they even happen. That’s how Solaris Attachments is always protecting your bottom line.

Solaris Attachments

Why Are There Shipping Delays for Heavy Machinery and Attachments?

The Covid-19 pandemic is only partially to blame for the recent delays in shipping. Government and industrial lockdowns to prevent the spread of infection are just part of the picture. There are also worker shortages around the world, despite millions of open positions.

Another problem is the prevalence of just-in-time manufacturing. This type of manufacturing allows factories to maximize their space and profits by keeping only limited stock of their products in their warehouses.

It is easy to disrupt the supply chain. If there is a delay anywhere in production, or a critical component of the product is scarce, it uproots the entire operation and can cause significant shipping delays. At Solaris Attachments, we’re always one step ahead.

How Is Solaris Attachments Overcoming Shipping and Logistics Delays?

At Solaris Attachments, we’re always protecting the customer’s bottom line. Below are 5 methods we are using to accomplish this goal (as well as overcome the current logistics issues).

1.    We Honor The Original Quoted Price For Freight

Even though freight prices are volatile and can be higher at the time of shipping than the time when the customer pays the invoice, our policy has always been to honor the original quoted price for freight. That means we choose to eat the extra cost to puts less of a financial burden on our customers.

2.    Our Shipping Admins Monitor Your Shipment to Completion

We have a skilled team of shipping admins working for us that are constantly monitoring the status of your order. Once assigned to your order, they follow it from the creation of the purchase order to tracking the ships that bring it overseas (for international deliveries), to monitoring the land carriers as they deliver the attachments to the end-user (from our Nashville, TN warehouse). This strategy ensures that we constantly know what is happening with your order, so that we can intercept any issues and prevent logistic complications before they even happen.

3.    Our Warehouse Is Centrally Located to Speed Up Delivery

We carefully selected Nashville, TN as the home of our U.S. warehouse because it is more centrally located within the US than our headquarters in Seattle, WA. This strategy decreases the freight cost for our customers and ensures quick delivery. In addition to having a centrally located warehouse, we are inventorying more of our popular attachments at our warehouse so that they would be available for immediate dispatch.

4.    We Consult Professional Import Brokers to Speed Up Overseas Shipments

We consult professional import brokers who are licensed and regulated by US Customs and Border Protection to help us meet federal requirements for our international shipments. Doing so ensures we have all the appropriate paperwork filed with US Customs ahead of time to ensure a smooth import and to speed up transit times for our overseas shipments.

5.    Our Business Day’s Don’t End at 5pm

We have satellite offices on the east coast and the west coast, along with our warehouse in Nashville, TN so that we can offer the best service to our customers ensuring customer service doesn’t end when the clock strikes 5pm. We even offer evening and weekend service!

Our priority is customer satisfaction, regardless of the uncertainty of global shipping and logistics. That’s why our clients always feel safe purchasing their excavator and skid steer attachments from us, and confident in our swift delivery.