Solaris Excavator Augers 21T - 50T

Are you looking to match your auger drives to your compact construction equipment, like mini excavators and skid steers? We can help you determine the factors that will ensure that your auger attachment is optimal and result in high performance.

Factors to Consider For Matching Your Auger Drive to Compact Equipment

The auger drive, mounting plate, and the auger bit are three main factors that need to consider to ensure you match the right auger drive to its compatible equipment. But first, you need to determine the hydraulic flow.

Hydraulic Flow

Before selecting the auger drive for the job, you need to figure out the gallons per minute and pounds per square inch of the hydraulic pump on the machinery that will be operating the auger drive. Once you know these numbers, you will be able to select an auger drive that will be the most compatible with your construction equipment.

Auger Drive

The size of the auger drive will depend on the hydraulic flow and the pressure requirements of the equipment. At Solaris-AugerTorque, we offer epicyclic or planetary auger drives that ensure torque amplification.

When selecting a planetary auger drive, you will need to choose between the speed and the turning force (torque). If the terrain is rocky, you will need amplified torque. If your ground is mostly dirt, speed will result in optimal performance.

Mounting Plate

Skid steers offer universal mounting plates on which any auger drive can attach. However, when it comes to mini excavators, mounting plates will change from one model to the next. In addition, hose length and couplers will also change since there is no fixed size.

At Solaris Attachments, we keep a range of hose and couplers in stock. Let us know the size you want when ordering the earth drill from us, and we will send it to you with your order.

Auger Bit

When deciding on the auger bit, you need to know the type of terrain you will be using it on. Once you know the type of material you are required to bore through and the diameter and depth of the hole, you will be able to decide on the auger bit that will pair with your auger system.

Always take care to ensure you pick an auger diameter your auger system can handle.

Auger bits come in round and hex shapes. Though auger drives are designed to accept either round or hex bits, you can also purchase an adaptor that will allow a round drive to accept a hex bit and a hex drive to accept a round bit.

What About Auger Extensions?

If your job requires digging deeper, then you can also invest your money in an auger extension. Once you have your auger drive in place, you can easily swap the various auger bits to meet the requirements of the job.

Are you thinking of ordering an auger drive for your mini construction equipment? Reach out to today or call us at 8887543609 to discuss your project and get the right auger attachments for the project.