Excavator Attachments

With Solaris Excavator attachments, contractors may choose from a wide variety of quality attachments. Whether you are looking for trencher attachments, augers, earth drills, log splitters, mulchers – you have landed at the right place!

We have reached an era where there we have access to a huge variety of Excavator attachments for all types of excavators: Mini-excavators (also known as compact excavators), mid-sized excavators, and large excavators, wheeled excavators – we offer attachments for them all!

Many contractors have discovered that pairing excavators and skid steers for many kinds of projects can get the job of four machines done and in half the time. Take land-clearing jobs, for example: A skid steer can utilize a  Solaris drum mulcher to take down brush closer to the ground as well as thicker trees, while the excavator can use a Solaris disc mulcher to clear the material out of the skid steer’s reach! That type of attachment combination is a winning business strategy for any serious land-clearing or landscape contractor.

Quality Takes Time

Contractors should also keep in mind that excavator attachments often take longer to prepare and deliver than skid steer attachments. While a skid steer offers a universal quick-attach plate, every make and model of excavator has a different configuration at the end of the stick or boom. Therefore, it takes time to prepare a hook up on an excavator attachment that will fit your configuration just right. We will usually ask you what type of quick-coupler your excavator may have. If you have a pin-grabber instead of a quick-coupler on your excavator, we will ask you for measurements of your pin diameters, distance between your pins and a couple of other measurements. So, please make sure to allow for extra time when ordering an excavator attachment!

Simply browse the list below and choose the excavator attachment you would like to review in greater detail. Then give us a call or fill out the short form and we will be in touch with you shortly to place your order, send you a quote or answer any questions.


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