If you need new tools for land clearing projects, it can be frustrating to try to find them at different vendors. Solaris Attachments offers you a one-stop shop for your land-clearing needs.

Take for instance our stump-planers – what is a stump planer? It is based on the same principle as a stump-grinder, but they work much better, both on skidsteers and excavators. They leave a minimal mess to clean up and grind the stumps down so much more efficiently. We offer these in 10-inch and 14-inch diameter versions.

Next, the Variable Mulchers are offered in 2 different versions as well, so they fit a variety of machines; both skid steers and excavators. Few mulchers can confidently attack 10-inch diameter trees and pulverize them in seconds. Our mulchers are extreme heavy-duty and are easy to clean and maintain.

Our hydraulic Log Splitters, also known as a Wood Screws, work well on skidsteers and excavators. They will virtually split any log. And for nasty weather – you don’t have to get out of the cab – simply screw into the log part-way, carry it to your pile and unscrew it right from the comfort of your cab. Save time and your back!

Our hedge-trimmers offered are so powerful that they will easily cut up to 1.6-inch diameter branches. They fit skidsteers and excavators alike. On skidsteers you can easily flip the attachment from the left side to the right, which make these tools very efficient and versatile. Add our extension to the trimmer and you now have 100 inches of hedge trimmer surface to work with – incredible!

Solaris Attachments prides itself on high-quality attachments and high-quality customer service the old-fashioned way – with a live human being on the phone in the US. Most of our items are usually in stock for quick delivery throughout North America. Please give us call today at (888) 754-3609 or visit