Solaris Attachments, a Seattle-based heavy equipment attachment company, has several attachments ready for the Fall 2020 season.

Seattle, Oct 26, 2020 (  – Fall is the time to split big logs down to firewood for home heating or outdoor wood stoves. One of the great tools we offer at Solaris Attachments is the Solaris Wood Screw Log Splitter. This consists of a spiral cone attached to a planetary gear motor-driven into a large piece of wood and cracks it by forcing it apart as the cone drills through it. This tool can be attached to a skid steer, mini-excavator, or mini-loader. The operator can stay in the cab because they can screw part-way into a piece of wood, lift it, set it on a pile, unscrew it, and proceed to the next piece.

A More Versatile Attachment Than Meets the Eye

This attachment is even more versatile than it appears at first sight. Remove the cone and attach a stump-planer. Get rid of tree stumps without purchasing or renting an expensive stump grinder. The stump planer is also far less messy than a stump grinder, so clean-up is a breeze. Next, you can also replace these bits with a post-hole digger or auger to drill holes for any purpose. This makes the entire attachment a great multi-tool and saves you money & time.

The Perfect Tool for a Tree-Service or Landscaping Business

If you own a tree-service or landscaping business, this attachment is almost certainly a necessary tool for the fall in your arsenal. If you have a lot of tree stumps, particularly in hard-to-reach areas like hills, where stump-grinders cannot go, then you need to consider Solaris Attachments’ Sharktooth Stump Splitter. The Stump Splitter allows the excavator operator to cut through stumps, pull the stumps out, then grab the entire stump with the stump splitter and thumb and place it on a pile or back of a truck – it’s that easy.

Need to tackle bigger trees, dense brush, or even do some land-clearing? Check out Solaris Attachments’ line of drum mulchers, disc mulchers, and tree shears. They offer them for smaller as well as larger excavators and skid steers. Most items are usually in stock, and if not, it would only take a couple of weeks to get to you.

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