Solaris Attachments, a Seattle-based heavy equipment attachment company, has several attachments to add an extra set of hands to make your work easier with their rotating grapples.

Seattle, Dec 3, 2020 (  – Options to Make Storm Clean Up Easy

Grapple Systems for excavators and skid steers have been around for a very long time. They have proven to be useful for countless tasks such as moving storm debris, felled trees, railroad ties, and all sorts of large piles of hard-to-move material.

Every experienced excavator or skid steer operator knows how problematic it can be when you cannot grab the material very well or cannot place it elsewhere in an effective manner. It presents a problem with job efficiency and with transporting the material efficiently afterwards.

A Multi-Use Solution is Available

The rotating grapple system solves many of these problems by allowing the operator a 127-degree rotation, whether on a skid steer or excavator, so they can grab material from virtually any side and rotate and place it elsewhere, if and when needed. The rotating grapple system can hold, carry, and rotate up to 3,500 lbs. of material and offers stable grabbing and rotating power sue to the double-cylinder rotating base.

Contractors in the USA will be happy to know that these rotating grapples are 100% built in the US with US Steel and are built by US combat veterans! With a large opening and width, you can grab pretty much any material at virtually any angle and finish the job quickly, thus adding to your bottom line!

This cost-effective attachment is usually in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Additional information and custom quotes are available upon request.