Solaris Attachments, a Seattle-based heavy equipment attachment company, has several attachments to add an extra set of hands to make your work easier.

Seattle, Nov 15, 2020 (  – Solaris Attachments has manufactured the heavy equipment attachment to solve a multitude of productivity issues contractors face. Imagine if your hands were missing their thumbs. Pretty much everything would become extremely inefficient, from tying your shoelaces, picking up a cup of coffee, or operating any machine, for that matter. Now consider an excavator without a thumb – it’s simply a one-trick pony because all it can do is use a bucket to dig up dirt. Add a thumb, and now you have a bucket and a multi-use grapple to increase your productivity exponentially!

Not all thumbs are alike, however. Many manufacturers offer them in all shapes and sizes, price points, and with different purposes. Here are several types of thumbs to consider, based on what your typical application may require:

Helping You Navigate the Many Thumb Options:

The mechanical thumb operates just as the name suggests. The operator has to physically move the thumb, which is usually set to fit in several different pre-determined positions with pin-holes, depending on the opening they need for that particular job. The thumb will stay in that pre-set position for the project’s duration or until the operator changes its position. This cost-effective option is “good enough,” and hydraulic options may prove as overkill for many contractors. Solaris offers mechanical thumbs for all sizes of excavators.

The hydraulic pin-mounted thumb is the least expensive option of the two hydraulic options that are offered. Part of the thumb is pinned into the first bucket pin-hole, and it moves in the opposite direction as the bucket is curled out, thus creating an opening between the thumb and bucket proportionally. The advantage is that this option proves to be a cost-effective hydraulic option that can be controlled by the operator from the cab. The only drawback is that the thumb cannot open all the back and does not offer the versatility and independent movement like the next option, the progressive link thumb.

This final option, although it costs more than the previous two options, will also afford you the highest return on your investment. The progressive link hydraulic thumb allows for independent hydraulic control from the cab. It will enable the operator to fold the thumb back without manually folding it into place. The advantage is that the operator can allow for as wide an opening between thumb and bucket as they need to and can independently move the thumb in accordance with the demands of the job at hand.

Solaris Attachments offers excavator thumbs for all sizes of excavators. Our thumbs are 100% built in the US with 100% US Steel.

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