A skid steer is a compact vehicle that can be used for a large range of construction, farming, and landscaping tasks. Skid steers are usually equipped with a standard bucket as an attachment, but you can also outfit them with several other attachments, which can help you in construction, agricultural, and landscaping projects.

Some of the attachments that a skid steer loader can use include a backhoe, sweeper, broom, pavement miller, tiller, grappler, tilt, spade, bucket, trencher, auger, mower, cement mixer, blades, and wood chipper.

Some skid steers also come with an automatic attachment changing system, which allows the operator to work efficiently on a wide range of terrains by quickly switching between breaking, digging, excavating, leveling, and hauling tools.

Various Applications of a Skid Steer

Here are some of the tasks that a skid steer can perform with the help of attachments.

Excavating and Digging

A skid steer is an excellent vehicle for digging, trenching, and excavating, depending on the type of attachments you use. Some attachments include an auger, backhoe, trencher, and wheel saw.

With the proper attachment, a skid steer will be able to dig precise and narrow potholes to entire building foundations.


Skid steers are also effective in performing road maintenance, repairs, and building tasks. An operator can attach a pavement miller or a cement mixer to a skid steer to pave roads or use other types of attachments for patching, grading, and demolishing the road.


Skid steers are excellent options for both interior and exterior demolition projects. With an excavator attachment or demolition shears, the skid steer will be capable of crumbling down drywalls, concrete, and flooring.

Since skid steers have a compact size, they can maneuver into tight spaces and perform their job with precision, such as tearing down a neighborhood house.

Backfilling and Grading

With a skid steer, you can fill out holes in the ground and level it. A bucket attachment is a good choice for backfilling, but a rake or a road roller is an even better choice for flattening the ground.

With a bucket, thumb, or grapple attachment, you can also pick up large and cumbersome objects from the ground without leaving large holes behind.


A skid steer can also allow you to pick up large and awkwardly shaped objects from the ground, load or transfer them to another place with a bucket attachment.

If you are looking to lift heavy objects to heights, it is better to consider a vertical lift skid steer than a radial one.


Do you know that you can also use skid steers to mow? With a rotary brush cutter or box blades, you can cut down tall undergrowth and weeds to quickly and easily clear the land.

Brush cutters can also help you to take down large tree limbs and some smaller trees. In addition, skid steers offer more precision and control than a riding mower.

Agricultural Projects

One of the most common uses of skid steers is in farm work. With a tiller attachment, a skid steer can till the ground. If you attach a mulcher, a skid steer will become capable of breaking down straw and spreading it evenly across the ground as mulch. In addition, you can also use various types of buckets to clean out barns.

Farmers can also buy a bale attachment to move heavy hay bales, which can be a very labor-intensive task.

Material Handling

Skid steer also has applications in warehousing and storage. With a forklift attachment, an operator can easily lift and move heavy pallets from the comfort of the cab.

If you want a skid steer that can lift heavy pallets and place them up on high shelves, you should consider a vertical lift skid steer.

These are some tasks that a skid steer can perform, but this list is hardly exhaustive. There are so many other things that a skid steer can do if you hitch it with the right attachments.

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