The three-point hitch is a type of linkage designed for attaching implements like buckets, augers, plows etc., to a commercial loader or tractor.

The three-point hitch is shaped like a triangle and fixes the implement in place with respect to the machine and the hitch’s arm position.

The main benefit of a three-point hitch system is that it transfers the weight of the attachment to the machine’s drive wheels. This allows the loader or tractor to support the attachment and gain more traction and stability on the ground than it would otherwise have with the same amount of weight, fuel usage, and power.

As such, a three-point hitch offers increased safety and stability on the job site. The hitch is designed to avoid accidents when the attachment hits a resistant object in its path and prevent the machine from flipping over.

Characteristics of a Three-Point Hitch

Understanding the characteristics of a three-point hitch can help you make the right decision when looking for a hitch that will offer the most benefits to your machine and attachments.

Several Systems

The three-point hitch system is made of several systems that work in tandem with each other. These include the loader’s point of connection, the lifting arms, the hydraulic system, and the stabilizers.

Hitching Arms

A three-point hitch is made up of three moveable arms. The two lower arms are controlled by a hydraulic system and provide the lifting, tilting, and lowering motions to the arms.

Each arm also consists of a linking device that can attach implements to the hitch via attachment holes. The implements come with posts that fit through the holes and are secured by placing pins on the end of each post.

The hitch-lifting arms are operated by the hydraulic system of the loader, which can be easily controlled by the operator in the cab.

Draft Control Mechanism

Most modern three-point hitch systems come equipped with a draft control system. The draft of the attachment and the force it requires to pull the implement will be recorded by a sensor on the top link. If the draft increases, the hydraulic system will automatically raise the arm slightly, and when the draft decreases, it will lower the arms slightly.

Many Attachments

Most attachments are compatible with a three-point hitch attachment. This means contractors do not have to go through the expense of buying multiple machinery. Even a single piece of machinery will be able to do a large variety of tasks if it can accommodate attachments through the three-point hitch attachments.

Better Savings

With three-point hitch attachments, contractors will be able to increase their cost savings in various areas when working on a wide number of projects. This could be due to anything from buying fewer machinery and tools to spending less time switching out attachments.

More Convenience

There are many three-point hitch attachments that can easily be changed remotely without the operator leaving his seat. This means more convenience and comfort and reduced manual labor on such tasks.

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