As you get ready to buy excavator or skid steer attachments for your next big (or small) forest clearing or landscaping project, it’s important that you define your goals. You need to be able to move logs and brush and place them wherever you need them, grind down and split stumps, and process wood and foliage debris into chips and mulch.

To help you crush these goals, we recommend the following top 5 forestry and landscape attachments.

1.   Wood Chipper

Solaris Rabaud Woodchippers

If you have lots of trees and brush on your property, a Wood Chipper is a must-have. With this attachment, you’ll be able to process small trees, branches, and logs into wood chips that you can reuse as compost or kindling.

At Solaris, we offer several different sizes and types of wood chippers depending on your needs, including self-propelled machines, tractor PTO driven, or tow-behind models.

All wood chippers offer you options on the combination of knives & hammers, based on your application as well as ECO/MEDIUM & MAX modes on the gas-powered versions. The hoppers can be folded and the blower swivels 360 degrees. You are also able to adjust the speed of the feeding rollers to change the size of the output.

2. Log & Brush Grapple

Solaris Log Grapple Attachments

Our Log and Brush Grapple attachment is perfect for forestry and landscaping projects. It allows you to grapple a tree, log, or other large object and rotate it a full 360 degrees to place it exactly where you want it. The best part is it can be fitted to any excavator.

3. Stump Grinder for Mini-Excavator

Top 4 Landscape Attachments For 2022

A stump grinder is just what you need to get rid of those unsightly stumps on your property. Choose from our two different models, both high quality and heavy duty, but with two different types of teeth and excavator sizes. The small one fits excavators that weigh from 5500 lbs to 9920 lbs, and the larger one fits a machine weighing anywhere from 9920 lbs to 17,650 lbs.

4. Mulchers for Mini-Excavator

Top 4 Landscape Attachments For 2022

If you have trees and brush on your property, then you need our Mini Excavator Mulcher. This mini excavator attachment can get into tight places and pulverize ground debris where it lies. Unlike other mulchers and brush cutters, ours doesn’t fling debris around, which means you can mulch away without leaving a mess behind. When you’re done, the land will ready and prepped.

4. Shark Tooth Stump Splitter

We love our Shark Tooth Stump Splitter for its power and efficiency. This baby will let you saw through large stumps of various sizes, shapes, and types, split the stump, and then extract the pieces with a 12-24 ton excavator. Proudly made in the USA with AR 400 steel, this top excavator attachment will make your landscaping project go faster and easier.

These top 5 forestry and landscaping attachments will help you tackle any personal or commercial land clearing project with ease and efficiency. Contact us here for quotes!

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